Tupac Shakur expressed desire to “move away from music” in new unearthed interview
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Tupac Shakur expressed desire to "move away from music" in new unearthed interview

In a recently unearthed 1996 interview with Tupac Shakur, the late rap icon discusses his future plans, revealing a desire to “move away from music”. The interview, one of his last before the rapper’s death, was shared via Entertainment Tonight to coincide with the premiere of FX’s Dear Mama docuseries, which explores Pac’s relationship with his mother, Afeni Shakur.

Speaking with the outlet shortly before the release of his final movie Gridlock’d, 2Pac discussed putting his music career on hold to focus on acting.

When asked what attracted him to Gridlock’d, the rapper said: “To have change in my image, really, number one. This movie is really about friendship and what unconditional friendship means. I did it basically because it was funny and I’ve never really got to be funny.”

Looking even further ahead, 2Pac expressed a desire to appear in a rom-com and launch his own movie production company.“We got a lot of good things happening,” he said. “If I say it right now, the way my luck has been going, it’ll all fall through … Just give me a month so I can lock it down before I tell everybody.”

“I just want to push the envelope and work, work, work. I want to move further away from the music and start wading myself into the acting more,” he concluded. You can watch the interview clip below.