Tupac Shakur’s manager blames his downfall on the music industry
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Tupac Shakur’s manager blames his downfall on the music industry

Leila Steinberg, the former manager of Tupac Shakur, recently discussed the upcoming documentary Dear Mama on SiriusXM and explained that it explores the darker side of the music industry, adding that the way the industry works is largely to blame for Tupac’s downfall.

Steinberg said (via All Hip Hop), “I have to sit here as someone who was close to Tupac until his death, who was present many times when I no longer worked with him in a managerial capacity. I was at lots of video shoots that he did. I was in the studio at Can-Am when he was with Suge. And this industry is so destructive that if I point the finger, I would say that executives and this industry had more to do with his collapse than anything.”

The former manager went on to admit that she and Tupac made mistakes throughout his career: “We really blew it. We made a lot of mistakes. Tupac was not always right. Matter of fact, he was so passionate and so emotional and so often not emotionally literate, not able to control his emotions.”

Steinberg added, “And so he let his anger speak first, and then later he would apologize or acknowledge things…and so if we’re gonna heal, we have to be honest.” She then noted that Dear Mama will provide a close analysis of Tupac’s career and his fall from grace.