Trippie Redd explains his cancelled tour
(Credit: Ralph Arvesen)


Trippie Redd explains his cancelled tour

Ohio rapper Trippie Redd recently took to social media to explain why he cancelled his North America Take Me Away Tour earlier this year. The ‘Love Scars’ emcee recently welcomed a baby boy into his family, which was one reason he chose to cancel his tour.

The lyricist took to Instagram last week and explained to his fans that his duties as a father were more important than performing but will be releasing new music in honour of his son.

Provide an explanation, the rapper stated, “You guys have been talking about the tour and why I cancelled it. You want an explanation, so boom, I’m dropping a project named Saint Michael, right? What if I was to tell you that’s my son’s name, and I cancelled the tour because I had to deliver my son?”

“Life be life-ing,” he continued. “Y’all sitting there, bashing me, saying all this crazy stuff. And here I’m just bringing my child into the world, you know?” Trippie (real name Michael White) also posted a photo of his child to his Instagram Story. The child’s name is Saint Michael White, which aligns with the title of the rapper’s new EP.

White hasn’t unveiled who the child’s mother is, but he broke up with his girlfriend, Skye Morales, over the summer after he publicly apologized in August for cheating on Morales.

Taking to Twitter/X, the emcee wrote, “Just wanted to publicly apologize to Skye,” he began. “Do not be mad at her. I cheated she not have had the best attitude with me, but she was the most loyal partner I ever had, and I lost her.”

“I just want u guys to be better than me [100 emoji], so if u find someone that makes u feel special, think before u do wen ur mad I will never forgive myself for this shit ever [broken heart emoji]. He concluded, “I’m sorry, Skye I don’t even want u to forgive me I just want u to know I understand I feel it I’m a fucking idiot I promise u nun of it was worth wat I had.”