Travis Scott’s rowdy fans mistaken for an earthquake in Milan
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Travis Scott's rowdy fans mistaken for an earthquake in Milan

Travis Scott’s an exceptional live performer. Last year, he sold out London’s O2 Arena twice and has since been enthralling audiences worldwide. Currently in Europe, the Houston emcee’s latest show was at the La Maura racetrack in Milan. However, his fans were so rowdy it evoked fear in the locals.

Scott is an excellent live performer and is known for his ability to rile up crowds. However, in 2021, at his Astroworld Festival, the excitement and rowdiness of the attendees led to a fatal crowd crush that caused many to be hospitalised. With this in mind, it’s fair to say that Scott is wary concerning the craziness of crowds.

However, while performing in Milan recently, his fans created so much noise and made such an impact on the ground that locals began panicking in the belief an earthquake was taking place.

The arena was hosting 80,000 avid fans, and ahead of the release of Utopia, Scott’s followers are getting crazier by the day. Following his most recent performance, footage from a local news broadcast has surfaced that shows houses and lawn furniture in proximity to the arena shaking as Scott performed a medley of his greatest hits.

The crowd was a cacophony of screams and cheers as the Astroworld hitmaker performed tracks such as ‘Goosebumps,’ ‘SICKO MODE,’ ‘Antidote,‘ ‘Butterfly Effect,’ ‘Highest in the Room,’ and ‘STARGAZING’ to name a few.

Avid fans of the rapper praised him highly for the feat of literally making the ground shake. One user tweeted, “N*gga caused the tectonic plates to shake, HES A GOAT,” while another wrote, “Firefighters received hundreds of calls from the neighbourhood, window and floor trembling. At the end were Italian Travis fans!”

Although it is all well and good for fans, the ageing community that lives in the suburbs of Milan were genuinely fearful and shared their disdain for the unnecessary rowdiness and uncouth shown by the concert-goers.