How Drake influenced ‘Sicko Mode’ by Travis Scott
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How Drake influenced 'Sicko Mode' by Travis Scott

Travis Scott is quickly becoming one of the most influential contemporary hip-hop artists. Akin to acts such as Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty, Scott arose during the mid-2010s and was rapidly thrust into the limelight. Since his arrival on the scene, the Texas artist has quickly become an icon and is considered one of the most creative and original acts within the trap arena.

Having been in a long-running relationship with billionaire influencer and reality TV star Kylie Jenner, the emcee has become a mainstay of pop culture and is undoubtedly a gifted artist. The ASTROWORLD rapper, unfortunately, got caught up in a great deal of controversy in 2019 following the infamous “Astroworld tragedy.”

During a performance of his 2018 album in 2019, ten of his fans died during the now infamous Astroworld Festival crowd crush. The incident led to Scott being hit with multiple lawsuits, and he quickly retired from playing live performances due to the event.

ASTROWORLD was a chart-topping album. However, the album’s rollout was highly controversial as it superseded Nicki Minaj’s Queen to clinch number one on the Billboard 200. However, the female rapper claimed that Scott had sold albums to individuals involuntarily under the guise that they were buying other items. However, irrespective of its sales, the project was exceptional, and one of its singles did especially well — ‘SICKO MODE.’

Few knew that Drake’s Toronto heritage is actually what influenced the name of the lead single, which topped the Billboard Hot 100, and the track spent over 30 weeks in the top 10. The term “Sicko” (also spelt 6icko) is a slang term used by Drake and his OVO Canadian counterparts and refers to the city of Toronto’s area codes of 416 and 647. The Canadian artist (real name Aubrey Graham) also used the slang phrase on his 2016 single ‘Summer Sixteen.’

You can listen to ‘SICKO MODE’ in the video below.