Travis Scott trial date set over Astroworld fatal crush
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Travis Scott trial date set over Astroworld fatal crush

Travis Scott has faced several civil lawsuits concerning the multiple deaths of fans during the 2021 Astroworld crush. However, a date has now been set for the final trial, and it has been announced that it will take place in September. 

The Harris County District Judge, Kristen Hawkins, has ruled that jury selection will begin on September 10th, with the trial starting shortly after. The specific case Scott and Live Nation will fight concerns the death of nine-year-old  Ezra Blount, who died in the 2021 crowd crush.

Blount’s family is not only suing Scott but also the festival promotion company Live Nation. They have even decided to fight Apple, which live-streamed the concert on Apple TV+. The Blount family pleaded with Judge Hawkins and begged her to set the trial date earlier. However, the Harris County judge insisted that due to complications, it wouldn’t take place before September. 

A legal team member, working for the Blount family, insisted they would call Live Nation’s CEO, Michael Rapino, to give a deposition before trial. However, the promotion company has been fighting the request. 

Live Nation’s legal team have insisted Rapino knew nothing about the details of the festival and has asserted that it is pointless for the CEO to provide a deposition. However, the plaintiff’s attorneys have insisted Rapino had a very significant role in putting together the tragic event.

The plaintiffs have asserted that Rapino must have known the stadium’s maximum capacity and, as the figure overseeing ticket sales, had a part to play in the Astrowworld crowd crush. 

Neal Manne, an attorney for Live Nation, released a statement regarding Rapino’s deposition, stating he hopes the issue can be worked out but unveiled Live Nation may file an appeal at the Texas Supreme Court.

This will be the final of ten lawsuits Scott has faced, some of which he settled outside of court. The last case Scott faced was filed by the family of Astroworld victim Madison Dubiski, who was separated from her brother during the frenzy and killed by a stampede.