Travis Scott potentially faces another Astroworld lawsuit
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Travis Scott potentially faces another Astroworld lawsuit

On November 5th 2021, at NRG Park, Houston emcee Travis Scott hosted his Astroworld Festival. However, the excitement and rowdiness of the attendees led to a fatal crowd crush that caused many to be hospitalised. 

The tragic incident sparked a lot of controversy, and many pinned the crush on the rapper. Droves of the fans present at the event were under the influence of toxic drugs and alcohol. As such, many questioned the lack of checks at the festival. 

Earlier this year, the UTOPIA musician settled a lawsuit concerning the death of 14-year-old John Hilgert, who died as a result of the crush. However, the lyricist (real name Jacques Webster) faces a new lawsuit from a company called Ceremony of Roses.

The company accuses Scott of “negligence and willful misconduct in connection with the Festival” and asserts that, as a result, they have suffered “substantial financial harm.” Webster only recently got found not guilty by a grand jury in Texas and overcame several hurdles to get back on his feet. 

Unfortunately, this new lawsuit poses another threat to Webster. The rapper and Live Nation hired Ceremony Of Roses to provide “carnival-style games and amusements on Festival grounds.” The lawsuit claims that they were promised the right to recover all out-of-pocket costs and 50% of all revenues. However, the income was affected by the incident

The company also claim they had the expectation that Live Nation and Scott would “ensure safety and professionalism” and that the concert “would be conducted in a top-notch, safe, and secure environment with professional business practises.”

The exact amount of financial damage has not been revealed yet. However, the documents claim that Ceremony of Roses paid a minimum of $700,000 out-of-pocket to set-up and operate the Astroworld amusements.