Travis Scott teams up with film company A24
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg / Instagram)


Travis Scott teams up with film company A24

True innovators of film and new media, distributors A24 have brought some of the finest independent projects to the forefront of public view. Priding itself on funding “movies from a distinctive point of view”, their latest acquisition has come in the surprising form of a production deal with Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Films. 

It is reported that the first project that the two companies will work on will work in relation to Scott’s long-awaited new album, Utopia, expected to be released later in 2021. “Life is a movie. So is this album” Scott wrote on his Instagram to reveal the news, sharing an image of the “first draft” script of the new project. 

His latest album, named Utopia, will follow on from his critically acclaimed 2018 album, Astroworld which featured the likes of Drake, Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, among many others. In his lead up to the new album, Scott premiered a new song, ‘Escape Plan’, at Rolling Loud Miami, even lavishly organising a team of drones to light up the sky with a giant QR code which led spectators to the brand new tune.  

His collaboration with A24 seems to be a perfect fit, as the film production and distribution company continue to innovate and build an impressive library of truly challenging titles. Arthouse and provocative horror make up a large part of A24’s filmography, with first reactions to their newly acquired film Lamb at Cannes being a mix of shock and surprise, with Indiewire reporting that the film was “batshit crazy,” adding that “Lamb takes a low-key minimalist approach to its premise that invites a certain shock-and-awe reaction before doubling back to give it purpose”.

A24’s filmography includes Ari Aster’s Hereditary, Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse, Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight and many many more.
There is currently no release date for Utopia confirmed.