Tory Lanez denied bail following appeal
(Credit: Wikimedia / The Come Up Show)


Tory Lanez denied bail following appeal

Canadian singer and rapper Tory Lanez has been denied bail following an appeal by his legal team to get his ten-year sentence reduced. Earlier this summer, the ‘LUV’ artist was officially sentenced to a decade in prison for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020 by a Los Angeles federal judge.

At the time of his sentencing, legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff revealed the rapper (real name Daystar Peterson) may only serve nine years due to the year he spent in jail while awaiting his sentence. However, his recent motion for bail was swiftly denied.

Despite the recent rejection, the musician will reportedly will continue his appeal process while serving his ten-year prison sentence from behind bars. The motion was made on the grounds that Lanez (real name Dasystar Peterson) he “does not pose a danger to the community” and that the 2020 attack was “an isolated incident.”

Although Peterson had hope that the court may rule in his favour, entertainment attorney Michael Freedman explained to Cuniff that it was never likely that the legal system would overturn a decision so rapidly without any mitigating circumstances.

Taking to social media to report on the hearing, Cuniff wrote, “Tory Lanez is officially headed to prison. The motion will be denied and proceedings concluded. Thank you,” Judge Herriford said. Lanez grinned at his supporters, including his father and friends from the Unite the People legal services group, before being led out.

Speaking outside the courthouse one of his lawyers stated, ” We fight for people who are disproportionately sentenced, and this case here, we feel Mr Peterson has been disproportionately sentenced. To be a first time offender, to be convicted and get 10 years in state prison for your first time being in prison, we feel that is disproportionate.”

The team of appellate lawyers revealed they will continue to fight the sentence for the next several years. As for now Peterson will remain behind bars in state prison until the next appeal.