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Top 5: Young Thug's five favourite rappers

Picking out your top five rappers of all time is a ritual one must complete every month or so to ensure your place in hip hop’s holy place. A scared act, selecting your favourite rhymer is something we must all do from time to time, reminding ourselves of the breadth and depth of talent that has enriched the rap game. Today, we’re looking at Young Thug‘s five favourite rappers of all time.

The opportunity for the landmark rapper, Young Thug, to complete such a list was given to him when he returned to the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast for another episode. While there, he rattled off his five favourite rappers in the game, making for interesting reading.

Having emerged as a pivotal member of the new generation in 2010, it wasn’t long before Young Thug caught the attention of legendary rapper Gucci Mane. With an insatiable flow and confidence few can match, Mane signed Thug up to Brick Squad Records and Thug’s position at the top of the pile hasn’t ever really wavered since.

Thug’s debut single ‘Stoner’ would see him played on car stereos and speakers across the nation, confirming him as one of the new generation’s leading lights. Lending his talent to landmark singles from T.I., Tyga and Rich Gang, Thug is undoubtedly one of the new faces on rap’s Mount Rushmore. But who does he regard as the greatest? The answer is surprising, to say the least.

When faced with the age-old question of who would make up his top five best rappers of all time, Thug picked out some less traditional names. Usually, artists point to the icons of hip hop, Rakim, Ice Cube, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem etc. Thug, however, turned his attention to this generation’s crop of talent.

As well as picking out his own Young Stoner Life collective, Thug paid homage to Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, the pop sensation Drake and split his final vote between 21 Savage and Future. When quizzed on why his selection didn’t include any of the “greats”, Thug replied: “It’s about everything. Everybody who I named got everything.” Confirming that he would have picked Kendrick Lamar and J Cole had the question been only about lyricists.

Find Young Thug’s full appearance on the show below.

Young Thug five favourite rappers:

  • Young Stoner Life
  • Lil Baby
  • Lil Uzi Vert
  • Drake
  • 21 Savage / Future