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Young Thug’s lawyer denies “negligence” claim in $1 million lawsuit

Last month, Young Thug filed a lawsuit against the luxury apartment building, The Trace, in Atlanta after an employee handed over $1 million worth of his songs to a stranger. However, now they have blamed “negligence” on his behalf for the incident, which the rapper’s lawyer has refuted.

The incident took place on November 1st, 2020, and it allegedly saw Thug leave a Louis Vuitton bag by his Lamborghini. A resident in The Trace building then handed it to a staff member after reporting it to the concierge.

Allegedly, the team member then put the bag in “a secure/locked location” and even left a note instructing other employees to contact her before releasing it. However, a colleague apparently ignored the instruction and handed the bag over to a stranger who had nothing to do with Thug.

While the bag contained $40,000 in cash, it also held a diamond-encrusted watch valued around $57,000 and a diamond chain worth $37,000. However, the worst part is the loss of a hard drive with around 200 unreleased songs on it, which Thug has claimed is valued at $1 million (£728,000).

The rapper filed a suit against The Trace for damages, negligence, and failure to train its employees. His representative stated, the employees “undertook a duty to safeguard and return [Thug’s] property” after holding the lost bag. Additionally, they claim the staff were “unreasonable and stubbornly litigious”.

Now The Trace’s parent company, JLB Peachtree Management, has responded in a new court filing. They blame Young Thug’s “negligence and failure to exercise ordinary care” for the incident. Additionally, they have denied the company have a duty to protect the property and pleaded with the court to dismiss the suit.

Thug’s lawyer, Charles Hoffecker, has now said, “The suggestion my client’s negligence – if any – outweighs the defendants’ ignores the simple facts the defendants’ employees acted to secure the property, knew whose property it was, committed to keep the property safe in a secure location, communicated to my client they would keep the property secure, and then released the property to an unknown person.”

He added, “Now that the defendants have filed their answer, we look forward to pursuing Young Thug’s rights through the litigation process.”

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