Top 5: Big Sean names his top five rappers of all time
(Credit: Joe Well/Hip Hop Hero)


Top 5: Big Sean names his top five rappers of all time

Whenever you ask figures in the world of hip hop who their own personal favourite rappers are, there are some names that just have to come up. Whether it’s out of respect for their style in appreciation of their groundbreaking work, certain names just always come up time and again.

Big Sean knows this well, considering that his own list of his five favourite MCs includes five of the biggest names in hip hop. The thing is, in his conversation with Fat Joe on Instagram Live, Sean didn’t stop at five.

First off is The Notorious B.I.G., who gets frequently dropped as the best of all time. Biggie’s legacy is so set in stone that no one could possibly knock him off the Mount Rushmore of hip hop. As he rounds out his top five, Sean goes for some modern giants in the rap game.

That includes Eminem, another fixture of the lists of the all-time greats, plus Lil Wayne, who gets a fair few mentions himself. Next up is Kanye West, who still gets a number of nods these days even though his work as a producer and his everyday drama occasionally gets in the way of his rhyming skills.

Number five belongs to Jay-Z, giving the New York scene two features on Big Sean’s list. Despite being a Detroit-bred MC, Sean only listed one of his fellow motor city rappers, Eminem, on his list. But even just keeping it to five seemed like it wasn’t enough for Sean.

“I could go 10 easy,” Sean said. “I could go Rakim, I could go Nas, I could go [Tupac], I could go—ain’t in no order either—I could go [Snoop Dogg] … I mean so many, bro. … I got to put Outkast as one really. … And many more. The reason I call myself ‘Big’ is because of Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, Big L, you know what I mean?”

Check out Big Sean’s list of his five favourite rappers down below.