TLC compare Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes to Kanye West
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TLC compare Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes to Kanye West

Atlanta radio station V-103 recently held their annual Winterfest festival, which saw the likes of Lil Jon, Jeezy MC Shy D, TLC, and various others take to the stage of the State Farm Arena in celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, which has seen performances all year.

After receiving the V-103 People’s Award and performing live, the legendary 1990s collective seemed happier than ever. However, one thing that took fans aback was that during the acceptance speech, the two remaining members, T-Boz and Chilli, reflected on what Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes could have become if she hadn’t died in 2002.

That year, Lopes went on a 30-day spiritual retreat in Honduras, but while in the Central American nation, unfortunately, she died in the town of La Ceiba after losing control of an SUV and driving into oncoming traffic.

While accepting the award from DJ and radio personality Big Tigger, the ladies reflected on what could have been if the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes hadn’t perished that year. Speaking about social media, T-Boz stated, “Child, she would have been the Kanye of Twitter. No seriously! She would have more followers on Twitter and Instagram than anybody.”

T-Boz continued, “No telling what heights we would have reached, honestly if she was still here. I mean, ’cause it’s still a blessing that we’re still touring and selling out arenas overseas and even in America and stadiums overseas…and America! And her memory lives on through us. We always keep her alive, everything we do.”

Following the event, T-Boz and Chilli were asked if they were considering releasing a new album. However, they didn’t seem too keen, with the two of them stating, “We won’t do an album, but we’ll do singles!”

However, they concluded with some news, unveiling, “And we have TV stuff. We have a Broadway play on the way, and there will be new music incorporated in that. Wait for that musical, baby!”