When Lisa Left-Eye Lopes predicted her own death
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When Lisa Left-Eye Lopes predicted her own death

Iconic R’n’B trio TLC had a multitude of hits during the 1990s. From ‘No Scrubs’ to ‘Waterfalls’, the three-piece outfit undoubtedly made a musical impact with their catchy hooks and outlandish aesthetic.

The collective, initially comprised of Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins, Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopes and Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas, was a far cry from Destiny’s Child and other squeaky-clean girl groups and made some fantastic alternative material. 

Lisa Left-Eye Lopes was an integral member of the trio and was one of the most loved members. In 2002, Lopes went on a 30-day spiritual retreat in Honduras. The vocalist documented the trip with a handheld camera.

However, during the vacation, the ‘No Scrubs’ singer predicted her own demise. Several media outlets, such as People magazine, reported that Lopes was drawn to the central American nation following the disaster of Hurricane Mitch, which devastated the country in 1998.

While on vacation for the retreat as well as mission work, the Philadelphia vocalist was in a minor car accident in which she didn’t die. While being driven by her assistant, Stephanie Patterson, the singer’s car accidentally hit a boy named Bayron Lopez when he stepped into the road.

However, in a posthumous documentary made about the singer entitled, Last Days of Left Eye following the accident, Lopes stated that she felt like “a spirit was haunting her” after noticing the fact that she and the young boy shared similar last names. Unfortunately, two weeks later, the singer died in La Ceiba after losing control of an SUV and driving into oncoming traffic. The horrific moment can be seen at the end of the VH1 documentary, as the finger alongside passengers in the backseat, can be heard screaming.

Only two days prior, the ‘Waterfalls’ vocalist revealed that she felt a haunting spirit of death hanging over. She then died. You can watch a news report pertaining her early demise in the video below.