Timbaland labels Kanye West a “prophet”
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Timbaland labels Kanye West a “prophet”

Timbaland and Kanye West are two of hip-hop’s most game-changing producers who, during the early 2000s, both made an unfathomable number of hits. However, in a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Timbaland (real name Timothy Moseley) called Kanye “a prophet.”

Speaking to Whoo Kid, Timbaland expressed his love for West, declaring, “I look at Kanye as a teacher. I love that man. Just following his personality and the switch-ups – like, for me, that’s intriguing.”

He continued, “He’s giving you so much information that some of it might don’t dial in correct, but it’s like, you know how some people will talk from interviews, and it’s like, ‘You didn’t hear him say that?’ Because he’s like a prophet.”

Moseley even went as far as to compare West to a mythical Greek legend, stating, “I ain’t gon’ say a God, but he’s like a Zeus or one of those…Poseidon. Like a Greek god. He’s that. Then, to hear one of those guys say I’m doing great – it kind of gives you affirmation that I gotta turn my stuff up. It’s like confirmation.”

Timbaland has nothing but love for Kanye West, whom, late last year, revealed on the Lex Fridman podcast that the Virginia producer for helping him perfect his hit ‘Stronger.’

Praising Timbaland, Kanye detailed, “So I made [‘Stronger’] to compete. And then we had the song out. It’s number one on Apple; it’s blowing up. I play it in the club, and it sounds muddy. It doesn’t sound the way ‘Sexy Back’ sounded in the club. So I go to Pharrell Williams to do the drums, and it sounds like a different record.”

West continued, “Then I go to Swizz Beatz – it sounds like a different record. Then I go to Timbaland – the person who made ‘Sexy Back – and he did it in five minutes and then spent the rest of the hour talking about how nobody could have done it except for him.”

You can hear Timbaland speaking about Ye below.