(Credit: Kayla Johnson)

The Weeknd to release new single 'Take My Breath' this week

The Weeknd has revealed that his brand new single, ‘Take My Breath’, is arriving later this week.

Last year saw Weeknd release his fourth album, After Hours. A project that captured the Canadian adopting an unhinged persona for the record. That pulsating period is now finally over, and the new dawn is firmly upon us as the singer prepares to start an intriguing chapter in his career.

Tesfaye is beginning this era by teaming up with the Team USA Women’s Track & Field team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. His new single provides the soundtrack for a new promo starring athletes Sydney McLaughlin, Dalilah Muhammad, Athing Mu, and Gabby Thomas, with the whole track dropping on Friday.

From the teaser, ‘Take My Breath’ sounds like a slice of euphoria, and the wait until Friday can’t be over soon enough. Tesfaye has since released a more extended trailer of the song on his Twitter, and the preview is utterly mesmerising. 

Meanwhile, in a new profile with GQ, The Weeknd described the new album as “a project packed with party records… Quincy Jones meets Giorgio Moroder meets the best-night-of-your-fucking-life party records”.

“It’s the album I’ve always wanted to make,” he added. The Weeknd did also confirm to the publication that he was yet to finish the record.

“I want to do this forever,” he said elsewhere in the interview. “And even if I start getting into different mediums and different types of expressions, music will be right there. I’m not going to step away from it.”