(Credit: Kayla Johnson)


The Weeknd reveals new album 'Dawn FM' is part of a "trilogy"

The Weeknd has excited his fans and fuelled the internet rumour mill by revealing that his new album, Dawn FM, is part of a “new trilogy”.

Abel Tesfaye released his seventh album last week, and it marks his first body of work since 2020’s acclaimed project, After Hours. Since then, he’s kept himself occupied with a fistful of collaborations, as well as starring in and creating his own HBO series, The Idol.

The record features a cameo from Jim Carrey; meanwhile, Lil Wayne pops up on ‘I Heard You’re Married’, and Tyler, The Creator appears on ‘Here We Go… Again’.

Now, Tesfaye has got minds racing by posting an image on Twitter of the cover of the record alongside the caption, “I wonder… did you know you’re experiencing a new trilogy?”

Reddit user u/FlashMorus had already gone viral after posting a theory that seemingly has legs following The Weeknd’s admission. They speculated, “Many people did not like that ‘Every Angel is Terrifying’ is not a full song, but just a longer skit, but guys please… he literally threw an advertisement for his next album which will be called After Life. After Hours -> Dawn FM (purgatory) -> After Life and After Life will be the closure of the whole new trilogy.

“In the first track ‘Dawn FM’ when Jim Carrey says “enjoy another hour of commercial-free music” we can hear “free yourself” and then on ‘Every Angel is Terrifying’ so we get commercial. Abel did not do it accidentally, he marked it on ‘Dawn FM’ to make us pay attention to it. Tell me that I am not the only one who thinks like that. Dawn FM is nearly done, and the After Life is coming guys!”

While this seems wild, anything is plausible with The Weeknd, and now we must patiently wait to see if this comes to fruition.