Lil Wayne allegedly pulls a gun on his security guard
(Credit: RJ)


Lil Wayne allegedly pulls a gun on his security guard

After allegedly pulling a gun out on his security guard, Lil Wayne is currently under investigation by police.

In response to the altercation, the security guard then called the authorities, and according to the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department, he contacted them to say “he had a verbal altercation that turned physical with a Black adult resident.”

He also claimed that Carter “brandished a firearm during the altercation.” However, when the police attempted to contact Lil Wayne, they were informed: “he was no longer at the residence.”

As things stand, no charges have yet been filed against the rapper. However, the incident is still being investigated by police following the allegation.

At the start of this year, President Trump pardoned Wayne during his final day in office. He was arrested for illegal possession of a handgun during a flight on his private jet from California to Florida in December 2019. The rapper was scheduled to appear in court before Trump’s intervention and could have faced ten years in prison.

Meanwhile, Wayne recently released his vinyl boxset, Tha Carter Singles Collection. In total, the package features 19 past singles in a limited seven-inch vinyl boxset and comprises picks from his five Tha Carter albums.