The video threatening Lil Wayne that Young Thug wants removed from court
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The video threatening Lil Wayne that Young Thug wants removed from court

Young Thug and his crew YSL (Young Stoner Life), have been fighting a RICO charge since the early months of last year. However, more information has emerged that could potentially ensure a successful conviction.

The Atlanta rapper (real name Jeffrey Williams) and his co-defendants are looking to overcome an ongoing RICO case. They are still fighting the copious amounts of evidence that may confirm YSL is a street gang as well as a label. However, one recent video has irked Williams and prompted him to request a redaction.

The legal proceedings have been moving incredibly slowly, and the case hasn’t even passed jury selection. However, prosecutors are unearthing evidence and doing everything they can to secure a lifetime of incarceration for the musician. Recently, Thug filed a motion to redact newly discovered 2015 footage in which he can be seen threatening Lil Wayne in a bid to prevent the rapper (real name Dwayne Carter) from giving evidence.

According to online music publication AllHipHop, prosecutors believe the footage will effectively lead to a conviction. Young Thug and Cash Money CEO Birdman were indicted for a shooting last year. However, neither of them were officially charged. In 2020, YSL rapper Peewee Roscoe was sentenced to prison after a jury convicted him of shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus. While the beef between Carter and Williams seems to be something of the past, prosecutors stated that this crucial piece of evidence will secure their case.

Aside from the 2015 footage, the Atlanta act also wants to know who the informant known as ‘K.C.’ However, the prosecution has stated that the individual they are working with is an integral figure who is helping them build their case. According to Williams’ attorneys who have been digging through police paperwork, they have reason to believe the informant is an individual who was involved but acquitted of charges relating to a shooting that took place at T.I.G. Studios on January 8th, 2015. You can watch the intimidating video the emcee wants redacted below.