The sneaky way Cam’Ron earned his driver’s license
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The sneaky way Cam'Ron earned his driver's license

Purple Haze rapper Cam’Ron was a signee of Roc-A-Fella during the 2000s. As part of the Harlem crew, The Diplomats became one of the most popular young MCs in the city, alongside his crewmates Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Freekey Zekey.

As a young emcee whom Dame Dash and Jay-Z had signed in the 2000s, Cam’Ron (real name Cameron Giles) had all the jewellery and the lyrical ability to be a rapper. However, he didn’t have a car, and he couldn’t drive.

During a recent episode of the It Is What It Is podcast, Cam’Ron and his Harlem counterpart Ma$e jokingly recalled how Giles struggled with the technicalities of driving, including three-point turns, parallel parking and more.

When trying to explain why his driving efforts were so tragic, Cam’Ron detailed, “I don’t know, I bought my first license. I never even took the test. I cheated on that shit too. I had it for 20-something years. N*ggas from Polo Grounds were selling licenses. I bought my license from a n*gga in Polo Grounds in ’97!”

He continued, “I cheated my way through a bunch of shit. My license official. You paid n*ggas $600 they did all the shit for you. You didn’t have to take the test.” Since he hadn’t taken the test, Ma$e was interested in what else Cam’Ron had cheated on.

Following the revelation that he had bought his license from friends in Harlem’s Polo Grounds Towers, Giles also admitted, “I ain’t got no problem saying I got my GED, cheated on that shit too! Bought my license, and I stand here before you today, a great human being, man. A humanitarian, philanthropist, a mogul, a tycoon — the list goes on and on, all from beating the system.”

Cam’Ron seemed to have cheated on everything, but he confirmed that his cheating days are well behind him and that, since his success as a rapper, he has never had to dupe anyone again. You can watch the podcast episode in the video below.