Cam’Ron responds to hip-hop fans labelling him as homosexual
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Cam’Ron responds to hip-hop fans labelling him as homosexual

Many rappers have been rumoured to be gay over the years, and it usually pertains to fashion. It happens all too often, whether it’s Tyler, The Creator, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, or Frank Ocean. However, now Harlem musician Cam’Ron is on the receiving end of similar rumours and has decided to address them directly.

In a recent episode of the emcee’s  It Is What It Is talk show, the artist (real name Cameron Giles) spoke about the swirling speculation surrounding his sexuality and revealed that it’s simply because of his willingness to wear pink.

Speaking with the NBA icon and Boston Celtics legend, Paul Pierce Giles explained, “Being celebrities and being in the public eye, if you wasn’t nobody, nobody would give a fuck. You know how long I had to hear, ‘Cam’s gay, he wears pink?'”.

However, the ‘Oh Boy’ rapper’s demeanour became more aggressive, and he grew more frustrated as he spoke about it, angrily declaring, “Bring your mother around, n*gga. See if she gives a fuck, n*gga. See if your mom gives a whole fuck, n*ggaa. I’ll tell her how gay I am. I’ll fuck her in the pink mink, n*gga. The fuck is you talking ’bout, n*gga?”

Following these viral clips of Giles addressing the toxic and slightly pathetic culture of hip-hop concerning people’s sexuality, Kid Cudi chimed in to show solidarity and condemn what he perceives as a moronic mentality.

Taking to Twitter, Kid Cudi labelled the speculation he and others have had to endure as “homophobic.” He also questioned why people think that rap music belongs to a specific sexuality. He proceeded to assert anyone concerned about someone elses sexuality is living a “sad” and “miserable” life.

Cudi then wrote, “U know what’s crazy, and really makes me question the world we live in, is when I post a picture of me smiling on ig and there’s mad comments questioning my sexuality floodin’ my page w insults. I feel really bad for yall man. It’s sad out here.”