The rapper Timbaland compared to a Greek god
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The rapper Timbaland compared to a Greek god

Timbaland is an ingenious producer who, with his fantastic ear, produced some of hip-hop’s most iconic tracks. From Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’ to Nelly Furtado’s ‘Promiscuous,’ the Virginia native (real name Timothy Mosley) made an indelible mark on the culture.

However, he admires and has a tremendous amount of respect for several artists and producers who followed in his footsteps. In fact, there is one emcee that the beatmaker compared to a Greek god.

In an appearance on the Whoo’s House podcast with DJ Whoo Kid, Mosley spoke about the controversial yet highly impactful producer Kanye West. The pair have worked together previously, and in a 2022 interview with Lex Fridman, West recalled a time when Mosley helped him perfect his 2007 song ‘Stronger’. 

That said, while speaking to Whoo Kid recently, Mosley praised the controversial Chicago entrepreneur, stating, “I look at Kanye as a teacher. I love that man. Just following his personality and the switch-ups – like for me, that’s intriguing.”

He continued, “He’s giving you so much information that some of it might don’t dial in correct, but it’s like, you know how some people will talk from interviews and it’s like, ‘You didn’t hear him say that?’ Because he’s like a prophet.”

Timbaland described how Kanye crediting him for the crisp drums of ‘Stronger’ gave him more confidence as a beatmaker. Describing West as a superior force, Mosley continued, “I ain’t gon’ say a God, but he’s like a Zeus or one of those… Poseidon.”

He added, “Like a Greek god. He’s that. Then to hear one of those guys say I’m doing great – it kind of gives you affirmation that I gotta turn my stuff up. It’s like confirmation.”

Earlier this year, Mosley presented the idea of how impactful and legendary a Kanye West Superbowl halftime show would be for hip-hop, disclosing, “Yo, I was thinking, if Kanye was to do the Super Bowl, that almost would be like watching Motown 25 ’cause that boy is serious. Don’t you ever forget it.” He concluded, “Dat boy Ye doing the Super Bowl they wouldn’t be ready,”

You can listen to Mosley talking to DJ Whoo Kid below.