The rapper Eminem thinks is the number one greatest of all time
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The rapper Eminem thinks is the number one greatest of all time

Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) is one of the greatest lyricists ever to touch a mic, and concerning hip-hop, he is widely considered one of the top five artists ever to grace the genre. However, the man himself admires and respects other artists and has his own favourites, one of which he recently revealed. 

Mathers recently posted a photo of himself to social media boasting his top three rappers, and above the rest sat the New Jersey emcee Redman. Most known for his hilarious episodes of MTV: Cribs, Redman has been a potent artist since the late 1990s and is often overlooked as a vicious lyricist. 

By wearing the T-shirt, Mathers doubled down on what he said in 2003, when, during an interview, he declared that his favourite musician was Redman, and since then, the Detroit native hasn’t changed his view. 

Redman reposted Mathers’ photo in elation, as this new picture of Slim Shady wearing a shirt featuring his famous ‘Till I Collapse’ lyrics confirms Redman is still the best in the eyes of Eminem.

The black T-shirt worn by Mathers reads “It goes Reggie, Jay-Z 2Pac and Biggie,” a line taken from the 2002 Eminem verse on ‘Til I Collapse’, “I got a list, here’s the order of my list that it’s in/ It goes: Reggie, JAY-Z 2Pac and Biggie / André from OutKast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas, and then me / But in this industry I’m the cause of a lot of envy / So when I’m not put on this list, the shit does not offend me!”

The 2002 track featured Eminem and is still considered an early 2000s classic. The clothing merchandise worn by Em that Redman is selling in collaboration with the NYC-based skateboarding store Richmond Hood is for sale now. As such, to show his gratitude for the promotion, the Jersey native wrote, “My Young Bro @eminem stay Repping and got his IT GOES REGGIE TEE ! ONLY at @richmondhoodco. If it ain’t got the Yellow Tag it’s a FAKE !! Fuck with the ORIGINALS.”

Eminem has also cited LL Cool J as one of his favourite artists and the figure who initially inspired him to emcee. However, out of his peers from the 2000s, Mathers has happily handed the crown to Redman. You can see the photo below.