The real story behind Redman and his MTV Cribs
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The real story behind Redman and his MTV Cribs

Legendary rapper Redman is most known for being an amazing artist and an amazing actor. As one-half of the duo Method Man and Redman, Redman has had his fair share of success, appearing in the legendary stoner-comedy film How High as well as others.

However, another thing that the rapper is known for is his infamous appearance on the MTV series Cribs, in which rappers show fans their houses, but Redman’s was slightly different from other rappers. Talking on the Fresh Pair podcast, the rapper (real name Reginald Noble) outed Cribs as completely fake and revealed that the television network, MTV, picks out houses prior to rappers appearing on the show to make them appear wealthier than they are.

As a headstrong individual, Redman was not comfortable being fake or phoney in any way and so (instead of renting a mansion) let fans see his actual residence at the time. Residing in a crowded one-bedroom flat with his cousin and no storage space, the rapper let fans see the actual life of an average rapper.

Redman’s crib was aired and has become legendary over time. When it aired, some mocked Redman yet also had admiration and respect for the rapper because he was true to himself and began to question how legitimate MTV cribs was.

Speaking to Fresh Pair, Noble explained, “It was like ‘Yo we wanna do your MTV Cribs!’ And I was like ‘Oh’ and the first thing they said was ‘we gotta couple houses picked out for you’.” He continued on to explain that the film crew had to be reduced to two people because that was the only amount of people that could fit in his house.

The rapper explained they had no idea how he was living and as soon as he brought them there the production crew went outside to have an emergency meeting. He even proudly explained how his cousin was sleeping on the floor when they first began filming.

Redman’s MTV Cribs has most certainly gone down in history and the rapper even today seems unfazed by the episode and people’s reaction to it. See Redman talking about the episode in the video below and watch snippet of the episode also.