The precious item The Game stole from Tyler, The Creator
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The precious item The Game stole from Tyler, The Creator

The Game and Tyler, The Creator are two Los Angeles natives with very different styles. The former, who was a member of G-Unit, is known for his aggressive lyrics and brash exterior. However, the latter is a kooky, outlandish figure, but this hasn’t stopped the two West Coast MCs from collaborating.

In 2011, The Game and Tyler, The Creator worked together on the track’ Martians vs. Goblins’ for the former’s fourth studio album, The RED Album. This song saw the Drillmatic lyricist attempt to bridge the gap between the old and new generations and featured Lil Wayne. 

However, the two LA rhymers developed a friendship over time and during an interview with HipHopDX, The Game (real name Jayceon Taylor) reflected on his “big brother-little brother” relationship with the Odd Future frontman and revealed that he once stole one of Tyler’s prized possessions. 

Reflecting on his cherished moments with the Goblins emcee (real name Tyler Okonma), Taylor recounted, “One of my favourite Tyler moments was when I pulled up in my Bentley on Fairfax at the store. He was just chilling, and I jumped out the car. They thought I was coming to say what’s up, but I took his skateboard and jumped back in the car, and I left.”

Detailing his reaction, Taylor continued, “He chased me down Fairfax! Obviously, he wasn’t faster than a Bentley!” Laughing, he explained the aftermath, disclosing, “He hit me for the next probably three or four months trying to ask me to bring his fucking skateboard back, saying that he would meet me. I don’t skateboard, but, you know, [for] skateboarders, the skateboard is a big fucking deal.”

11 years later, the skateboard was still in The Game’s possession as he jokingly unveiled, “I still got that skateboard. Tyler does asshole shit all the time, so it was dope to give him a little bit of his own medicine.”

As he concluded the interview, Taylor revealed that he still has nothing but praise for Tyler, the Creator, as he declared, “What a fucking talent, an amazing guy! “verything “hat he does in the community, everything that he does inside music, outside of music, for his friends, putting everybody on, him and Taco and all those dope guys. I got nothing but flowers to give Tyler, man!”

You can hear The Game and Tyler, The Creator’s track ‘Martians vs Goblins’ below.