Five incredible Odd Future videos you need to see
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Five incredible Odd Future videos you need to see

Odd Future were a phenomenon when they first surfaced in the early-2010s. Formed in Los Angeles, the kooky collective exploded into the mainstream in 2011. The crew’s distinct look came with a previously unheard sound that took the culture by storm. Odd Future (often stylised OFWGKTA) were pioneering in the way they effortlessly fused LA Skate culture with hip-hop and managed to create somewhat of a cult following.

Hip-hop and skate culture are entirely separate entities that would have seemed incompatible before. However, Odd Future seamlessly married them. The Los Angeles skate culture came through how they dressed. They always had skateboards in their hands and Vans shoes on their feet. Furthermore, the crew wore skate clothing brands, brightly coloured tees and humorous sweatshirts, but somehow they made it work with hip-hop.

After making such a significant impact in such a short period, Odd Future were gifted their own label, Odd Future Records, under Sony Music Group. With group projects such as Radical, The Odd Future Tape and The Odd Future Tape Vol 2, the collective was unstoppable when at full throttle. Furthermore, the crew were funny and likeable. They thereby ventured into the realm of comedy.

The crew entered a TV production deal with Dickhouse Productions and Cartoon Network to produce their own comedy TV sketch show, Loiter Squad. The humorous programme aired on Adult Swim, a late-night segment aimed at adolescents. Loiter Squad regularly and frequently featured members of Odd Future. With their humour, immense creativity and likeability the collective made some amazing music visuals.

Here are five must-see Odd Future videos.

Five incredible Odd Future videos:

5. Tyler, The Creator ft Frank Ocean – ‘She’, Goblin, (2011)

4. Tyler The Creator – ‘Rella’, The OF Tape 2

3. Earl Sweatshirt – ‘WHOA’, Doris, (2013)

2. Tyler, The Creator ft A$AP Rocky – ‘Who Dat Boy’, Flower Boy, (2017)

1. Tyler, The Creator – ‘IFHY’, Wolf, (2013)