The origin of the Snoop Dogg vs Iggy Azalea beef
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The origin of the Snoop Dogg vs Iggy Azalea beef

Many people hated Iggy Azalea when she first emerged on the scene around 2012. A white, Australian female rapper who was from Sydney but rapped in an American accent, many people couldn’t connect with her or her music. From Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj to Eminem and even Snoop Dogg. Hip hop seemed genuinely disgusted with Azalea and her brand.

Brought to the forefront by Atlanta rapper T.I., Iggy Azalea was not well-received by the African-American community but was extremely popular among white Americans and hip hop-loving Europeans, who most assumed she was American. Azalea was controversial and got a lot of pushback.

One artist who really disapproved of Iggy’s existence in hip-hop is the legendary Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg. The origin of their beef starts with a post that the West Coast rapper made on Instagram. Uploading a picture of an albino African-American woman with cornrows, Snoop added the caption “Iggy Azalea No Make Up.” Insinuating that Azalea was attempting to be black.

His fans, of course, found it comical. However, Azalea most definitely did not find it amusing and, in fact, was extremely angered by the post. In retaliation, the Australian rapper posted an actual photo of Snoop Dogg captioned “When your drug addict aunt gets clean”. However, she later deleted it. But regardless, Snoop caught wind of the post and proceeded to compare Azalea to Marlon Wayans’ character in the film White Chicks by posting a meme of the character alongside Iggy, which read “White Chicks 2 starring Iggy”.

Azalea supporters were quick to call out the male rapper for sexism. However, it didn’t stop criticism from coming Azalea’s way. Many were confused as to why an African-American (T.I.) would promote and champion a rapper with an appropriated black Southern accent.

Furthermore, Azalea caused a media firestorm with her song ‘D.R.U.G.S’, in which she called herself a “runaway slave master”. She then removed the music video from her Youtube channel and put out a statement apologising for the insensitive comment. However, she still performed the song but replaced the word “slave” with “train”.

Iggy crashed and burned as fast as she blew up. The ‘Fancy’ rapper effectively went from 100 to zero within a period of approximately four years as a result of her inauthenticity. You can hear more details about beef with Snoop Dogg in the video below.