The New York legend Cam’Ron insists is better than 2Pac
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The New York legend Cam'Ron insists is better than 2Pac

Harlem rappers Ma$e and Cam’Ron have been friends since the 1990s, and both have similar stories. The two MCs began rapping under Big L as part of his crew, Children of the Corn and quickly found fame. Ma$e (real name Mason Betha) signed with Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment, while Cam’Ron (real name Cameron Giles), as part of The Diplomats, signed with Jay-Z’s Roc-a-Fella.

Although they landed on different labels, Betha and Giles remained close and, to this day, hold similar opinions. However, one in particular is quite striking. During an appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo, both lyricists unveiled that they believe that DMX was a better rapper than 2Pac.

Cam’Ron, who collaborated and toured with DMX (real name Earl Simmons), has first-hand knowledge of the late emcee’s impact, stating, “Me personally? I seen DMX. I didn’t really get to see 2Pac. I’m talking about on tour with DMX, in the studio with DMX. I actually got to see n*ggas lose their mind about DMX.”

Cam continued, “I know n*ggas love 2Pac, but I didn’t get to see him on tour or do anything else. So for me, it’s DMX because I actually got to be a part of and see him from the tournament rapping to selling 10, 20 million or however many millions of records he sold.”

Betha, who worked alongside Simmons on tracks such as ’24hrs to Live’ and ‘Take What’s Yours,’ agreed with his Harlem counterpart about DMX, unveiling, “I would definitely have to say DMX because when you saw the energy he poured, that DMX gave n*ggas, you could just stop one lyric that he would be saying and the whole arena would say it.”

He continued, “DMX was one of those special, special talents. When I first heard DMX in the studio, I was like, ‘This n*gga is just different.’ 2Pac was phenomenal too, I can’t take nothing away from ‘Pac, but DMX had more than ‘Pac. I’m a go on the record and say he had more than ‘Pac.”

Many MCs have highlighted the impact that DMX had on hip-hop and agree that, alongside Jay-Z, he boosted the reputation of New York after years of West Coast dominance. You can watch Ma$e and Cam’Ron’s interview in the video below.