DMX once chased Ma$e threatening him: “wait ’til I catch you!”
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DMX once chased Ma$e threatening him: "wait 'til I catch you!"

The late DMX was an aggressive emcee. From his abrasive, hoarse delivery to his drive to be the best rapper ever. However, in a recent inter of the Drink Champs podcast. Former Roc-A-Fella rapper and Brooklyn legend Memphis Bleek disclosed an unnerving story about the late artist.

Memphis Bleek (real name Malik Cox) is considered the Ruff Ryder, his brother. However, he also admitted that he could sometimes be “wild” and told an outrageous tale involving DMX and Harlem rhymer Ma$e.

In conversation with the hosts Noreaga and DJ EFN, Cox disclosed, “X was wild! I remember my album release party. I had a party in The Tunnel, and The Tunnel is the wildest NY club. You don’t be in there by yourself. You need at least six goons with you, and I mean n*ggas who are on ‘go’ mode. You know what I mean?”

He continued, “But X came by himself. Dolo. With a bottle of Hennessy with some red shit mixed in it. ‘Yeah, I bought a bottle of blood for my dog!” DMX’s Grand Champ album cover notoriously featured his bloodthirsty pit bull.

Cox admitted that this was the first time he had ever met DMX and was taken aback by what happened next. He then divulged, “This is the first day I met X! Diddy and Bad Boy, and them are all riding down on the beach. Here come Ma$e on a scooter. That n*gga X jumped out the car and started chasing Ma$e. ‘Yo! Get back here! Wait ’til I catch you, n*gga!'”

From this moment, Memphis Bleek knew that DMX (real name Earl Simmons) was to one to be messed with, concluding, “So I’m in the back seat, like, ‘Yo! What the fuck happened between him and Ma$e?’ And nobody in the n*gga crew was running behind him, trying to stop him. So I said, ‘Whoever this n*gga is, he’s official.’”

DMX has been known to move people. However, the late rapper also had issues with a lot of people, including Tony Yayo, who once publicly called DMX a “crackhead.” Irrespective of Yayo, the endless tales about Simmons are interesting, and he lives on through the stories. You can hear Bleek speak about DMX in his interview below.