The microphone thrown by Cardi B has made $100,000 for charity
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


The microphone thrown by Cardi B has made $100,000 for charity

Earlier this year, Cardi B was caught on camera viciously throwing a microphone at a fan after a drink was thrown at her during a live performance. However, in a strange turn of events, the legendary microphone has been auctioned for $100,000, which is going to charity.

The Bronx artist didn’t own the microphone used during her Las Vegas performance, but the event used the services of an audio equipment hire company named The Wave.

Following the incident, the company’s owner, Scott Fisher, saw an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive, and after the incident went viral, Mr Fisher listed the infamous item for sale on eBay.

In an interview with CBS, Fisher named the microphone a “piece of hip-hop infamy” and admitted he only expected the object to sell for around $5,000. The initial starting price set by Fisher was $500. However, a bidding war quickly ensued.

The Shure Axient digital mic is a standard piece of equipment owned by Wave, which has 16 identical microphones. However, Cardi’s was labelled ‘Main.’ Following his initial starting price of $500, local television stations began to cover the story, and by the following evening, the highest bid was more than $98,000.

Although Fisher could have kept the money for himself, he selflessly decided it would be best for the proceeds to go to charity, so he picked Friendship Circle Las Vegas, a group that supports people with special needs.

He had previously worked with the charity and knew the organisation’s great work. The proceeds also went to the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit for US veterans.