The many moments Post Malone almost died
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The many moments Post Malone almost died

Texan rapper Post Malone is one of the most popular white rappers currently making music. With multi-platinum hits such as ‘White Iverson’ and ‘Rockstar’ under his belt, he is most definitely in the upper echelons of contemporary hip-hop.

With his journey beginning in the early 2010s, Malone began pursuing a music career in 2011 when he would record demos and raps to show his friends. However, nothing came of it. He remained in Texas for two years and even briefly attended Tarrant County College. Still, with a passion for a music career, he moved to California.

Following his move to Los Angeles in 2013, he collaborated with Sauce Lord Rich and Rex Kudo, who produced ‘White Iverson’ and, shortly after, began to find success on SoundCloud. Since 2015, when he released his breakthrough single, Malone has had vast amounts of commercial success with his music.

However, his epic breakthrough didn’t prevent the artist from coming face to face with adversity. In 2018, the rapper (real name Austin Post) almost lost his life on two occasions that were close to catastrophes, one in the air and one on the road. Malone has suggested that the incidents were a result of him opening the supposedly cursed object known as a Dybbuk box.

Post laid his hands on the haunted box during an appearance on the series Ghost Adventures. When asked why he believed the relic was the cause of his misfortune, Post told Seth Meyers, “After we opened up this creepy Dybbuk box, I got in a car accident, I almost had a plane wreck, my house got broken into – all that type of stuff. Within a month’s time, it was really, really odd stuff.”

In 2018, Malone won a VMA for his track ‘Rockstar’. Elated and excited, the day after the award ceremony, Malone got caught up in an aviation mishap while attempting to leave New York by plane. Malone was headed for London aboard a private jet holding more than a dozen people. While in mid-air, the pilot realized the plane had two blown tires, so after spending five hours circling the area, the jet made an emergency landing.

Malone posted the news on Twitter, letting his fans know he was okay. However, the rapper was surprised at “how many people wished death on [him] on [Twitter].” But this was just the first obstacle he would face as the rapper faced a car collision just two weeks later.

While in California, Malone’s Rolls Royce collided with another car. Reports read that a Kia crashed into Malone’s white Rolls Royce in Los Angeles. However, due to the robustness of his car, nobody inside was injured. But he did then tweet later that evening, saying, “god must hate me lol”. The supposedly cursed relic still resides in a Las Vegas museum, and the ‘Better Now’ emcee hasn’t touched it since. You can hear Post Malone speak about the box in the video below.