The joint Snoop Dogg sold for $10,000
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The joint Snoop Dogg sold for $10,000

Snoop Dogg is one of hip-hop’s biggest weed-lovers. The Doggystyle emcee is always seen with a blunt in hand and professes his love for the plant on every project he releases. From ‘Hennesey n Buddah’ to ‘Too High’, you won’t struggle to find the Long Beach legend rhyming about his passion.

However, he has done a lot of things for weed and made a lot of money from it. During an appearance on the No Jumper podcast, Snoop’s jeweller Ben Baller, unveiled that in his desperation, Snoop once put out a notice on social media letting his followers know that he would give features to anybody in Korea who could get him weed. 

Furthermore, the emcee once admitted he has a paid-for blunt-roller. During an appearance on The Review podcast with Yarmacrazy, Snoop’s employee Renegade Piranha unveiled she occupies a $50,000-a-year position for her rolling skills and is on-call 24/7 for Tha Doggfather lyricist. 

Snoop (real name Calvin Broadus) gets through over 500 blunts a week, and according to Piranha, she rolls an unfathomable amount of marijuana for Broadus, stating, “On average, I do about a quarter pound to a half pound a day, which seems excessive, so that’s roughly like 75 to 150 units per day.”

Snoop is known for high-quality weed and, in some cases, even presidential because in 2018, the ‘French Inhale’ artist smoked a joint in front of the White House surrounded by Secret Service agents with no repercussions.

Snoop’s legendary status concerning weed means a lot to people. That said, in an interview with Seth Rogen for Variety magazine, Rogen unveiled that a hand-rolled Snoop Dogg joint once sold for $10,000. 

Rogen recalled the charity auction, disclosing, “Snoop Dogg once auctioned off a blunt on stage for Alzheimer’s. I think it went for $10,000.” Opening up about the auction, Rogen explained that it was organised by Hilarity for Charity, a foundation set up by Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, after her mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

You can hear Rogen speaking about the auction below.