Snoop Dogg once offered fans features for weed
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Snoop Dogg once offered fans features for weed

Snoop Dogg is hip-hop’s marijuana maestro and is famous for his love of blunts. However, on one occasion, his need for a smoke resulted in the rapper offering fans features for free in the hope of landing some buds. 

In 2014, the Long Beach legend travelled to South Korea to film a music video for the Psy K-pop track ‘Hangover’, on which he features. To get an authentic experience of the country’s culture, the emcee (real name Calvin Broadus) made the trip with his Korean-American friend Ben Baller, hip-hop’s most prevalent jeweller.

Ben Baller (real name Ben Yang) had warned the Doggystyle musician about South Korea’s highly stringent marijuana laws and, as such, stocked the rapper with some weed before they left Los Angeles. However, Snoop quickly burned through it all and needed a top-up while they were in Seoul.

During an appearance on the No Jumper podcast, Baller unveiled that in his desperation, Snoop put out a notice on social media letting his followers know that he would give features to anybody in Korea who could get him weed. 

Recalling the trip, Baller remembered, “With Snoop’s first time going to Korea, he’s like, ‘Hey cuz, I need to get some weed.’ I was like, ‘Look, I’m going to get you some weed, don’t trip. I’m going to tell you what hotel to stay at where you can actually smoke.'” 

He continued, “So he goes there — this is like eight years ago — and I pretty much got all the weed possible in the entire country of Korea to his fucking hotel room. The funny thing is, he’s like, ‘Yo, this shit is off the hook!’ He runs through that, so Snoop goes on his social media, and he goes, ‘I don’t give a fuck who you are. Anybody in Korea right now, bring me whatever weed you have.'”

However, according to Baller, Snoop’s management became extremely agitated as they knew label issues would arise if Snoop Dogg dished out features without clearance. However, he proceeded to search anyway.

In an interview with TMZ at the time, Psy unveiled that he and Snoop had partied while he was in Korea and smoked a lot, recalling, “We were hungover. Well, you know, it was a tight schedule of shooting because we made the shooting in Korea, so Snoop gotta move on, but it was really great, and we got to party later on.”

Although it’s unclear if Snoop ever ended up recording a verse in Korea for weed, it is evident that he was more than happy to do so if he could get the top-up he needed for the rest of the trip. You can hear Ben Baller talk about the rapper’s risky plea below.