The hardest bars of 2022 so far
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The hardest bars of 2022 so far

In hip hop one of the main focus is on lyrics. To get far, especially in 2022, you have to have a way with words. Whether you’re telling a fictional story or talking about your life, how you say it and your skill with rhyming play a big part in how successful you will be in hip hop.

A good rapper must be a songwriter and, most importantly, a storyteller that other artists envy. The art of rap requires one to be good at illustrating the run-down inner city, and have the ability to romanticise very sombre themes and find the beauty in what most would consider squalor.

If you can successfully immerse listeners in a story, you may succeed in the world of hip hop. Some of the greatest lyricists of all time are artists such as Nas, KRS-One, Jay-Z and Eminem. These artists are highly technical and untouchable when it comes to their lyrics. However, most of these artists are no longer active. So in a search to find the best lyricists, presently, we are presenting the three hardest bars of 2022.

The three hardest bars of 2022 so far:

3. ‘The Baddest’ ft Diddy’ – Joey Badda$$

Joey Bada$$ has always been highly regarded as a lyricist but is often overlooked. In modern-day hip hop, a lot of emphasis has been taken off lyrics and, strangely, a lot has been put on the beat. For example, a song such as Lil Yachty’s ‘Poland’ may be considered a better song than a lot of others merely based on its catchy beat despite the fact the lyrics are not all that good.

Joey Bada$$’ 2022 album 2000 has been the best of the year so far, and in his opening track, ‘The Baddest’, he displays some fantastic lyricism which comes in the bar that reads:

“I made a lane for niggas by going my own way (come on)
I paved the way for a lot of these rappers you see today
So act like you know, bitch, I’ve been had the flow, penetrating souls
Who the best emcees? Kenny, Joey and Cole
The holy trinity, it’s that “95 Till Infinity” energy
Knowing when I’m gone and forever remember me (yeah)
So, show me love when I’m still in the vicinity (show love)
And show no sympathy for niggas who be moving finicky”

2. ‘Hide And Seek’ – Stormzy

This 2022 release from Stormzy features some amazing bars. The track, as well as boasting deep and introspective rap lyrics, also features singing from marvellous, up-and-coming vocalists such as Ayanna, ‘KU LO SA’ singer Oxlade and Teni. Stormzy is always true to his British-Ghanaian heritage and keeps his ear on the coast of West Africa. 

On course to release his, This Is What I Mean album on November 25th ‘Hide And Seek’ shows some fantastic lyricism. One awe-inspiring lyric comes in the bar that reads:

“I found you
I feel your presence when I’m not around you
Queen in your city, they need to crown you
Holy water baby, let me drown you
Fire and water I gotta ‘low you
Burn out then reappear
Light still guiding you home, you know I’m there
And rest assured if you ever needed help
Or just need a place to hide know I’ll keep it to myself.”

1. ‘The Heart Part 5’ – Kendrick Lamar

From the outset, this track is lyrically phenomenal. Kendrick Lamar is one of the best hip hop lyricists, alongside Joey Bada$$ and J. Cole. The first bar alone is lyrically better than entire songs other artists have released this year.

Kendrick Lamar is often considered the saviour of the new school. Among a generation of mumble rappers, Lamar has been consistent in releasing seriously good quality hip hop. He is truly one of the greats, and tracks such as ‘The Heart Part 5’ prove exactly why he deserves to be at the top.

The opening bar reads:

“I come from a generation of pain, where murder is minor
Rebellious and Margielas’ll chip you for designer
Belt buckles and clout, overzealous if prone to violence
Make the wrong turn, be it will or the wheel alignment
Residue burned, mist of the inner-city
Miscommunication to keep homi’ detective busy
No protection is risky
Desensitized, I vandalized pain
Covered up and camouflaged
Get used to hearin’ arsenal rain
Analyze, risk your life, take the charge.”