The Game claims he’s a better rapper than Eminem
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The Game claims he’s a better rapper than Eminem

In a new interview, The Game has boasted that he’s a better rapper than Eminem.

Over the weekend, his appearance on the Drink Champs podcast finally dropped, and The Game certainly ruffled feathers with comments he made while on the show. Although he did show love for Slim Shady, this was immediately overshadowed by controversial remarks that have surprised some.

Unsurprisingly, they discussed a potential Verzuz battle, and Eminem is somebody he’d love to square off against. He told hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN: “I like Eminem, he’s one of the fucking good MCs, great MCs.

“I used to think Eminem was better than me,” he admitted. The rapper was then asked if he feels that way, to which he replied: “He not. He not. He’s not. Challenge it.”

N.O.R.E then told Game he “doesn’t wanna go VERZUZ against Eminem”; however, he disagreed, and said, “Yeah I do”.

Elsewhere on the podcast, The Game discussed working on Donda 2 with Ye in Miami and said it’s a more valuable experience than anything he’s done with Dre.

Understandably, many fans found this disrespectful because Dre was the person who discovered him and signed him to his label, Aftermath Entertainment, in 2003 before executively producing his debut album, The Documentary.