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Pete Davidson gets kidnapped and buried in Kanye West's video for ‘Eazy’

Kanye West has kidnapped, buried, and decapitated Pete Davidson in his new video for ‘Eazy’.

Ye shared the track last month, which contains an attack on the SNL comedian, who’s now dating his former partner Kim Kardashian, and West has now poked fun at Davidson in the visuals. In ‘Eazy’, Kanye raps, “God saved me from that crash, Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

West shared the video to his Instagram overnight and features a claymated version of him standing on a bed of roses while grasping Davidson’s severed head.

Throughout the video, we see West in his now-trademark leather jacket and black mask outfit while nonchalantly chilling with the head, as well as footage that shows how he obtained it.

We see West, along with two henchmen, kidnap the stand-up comic and then bury him in soil while leaving his head lay bare. He then pours seeds which cause roses to grow from Davidson’s head which Ye then tidies up with gardening shears before the comedian’s eyes turn white.

At the end of the video, a card reads: “Everyone lived happily ever after, except Skete you know who – JK he’s fine”.

Charlamagne Tha God recently criticised Kanye’s behaviour towards Pete and said: Charlamagne added: “We gotta stop d-riding dysfunction, too. Like, literally, if this was anybody else, and not Kanye West, and he wasn’t the rich, successful person, we walk around wearing his shoes, y’all would have all types of slander for his lame activity right now. His lame behaviour right now, for the way he won’t leave Kim alone right now. So, knock it off.”