The barbershop of Killer Mike has been vandalised by “mentally disturbed” man
(Credit: Jonathan Mannion)


The barbershop of Killer Mike has been vandalised by "mentally disturbed" man

Killer Mike, one half of Run The Jewels and one of the most sound artists around, has long been an advocate of good business. The rapper has often shared his desire to see his barbershops, of which there are many around Atlanta, become his primary business away from the music industry.

Killer Mike has now revealed on social media that one of those barbershops has been vandalised by someone he described as “mentally disturbed’ before suggesting everyone should look in on those who are suffering from their mental health.

In a post on social media, Mike shared: “A mentally disturbed White Man who Calls himself ‘Druce Wayne’ did this to our Shop downtown. He lives in the delusion he is Kurt Cobain and somehow i am involved in a conspiracy to keep him silenced.”

While it may seem as though Mike was using the platform to air his grievances, the rapper was frank about the situation, saying the damage caused to his shop could be easily mended but “this man’s mind is terribly broken.” He went further and urged anyone who knows the man to reach out “so u can get him some help”.

“I will for sure make sure we get this fixed and I encourage all to check on your mentally ill loved ones because the world may not be as understanding as me,” the Atlanta rapper concluded.

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