‘The Lord Of The Rings’ cast join Method Man and Killer Mike for special rap
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'The Lord Of The Rings' cast join Method Man and Killer Mike for special rap

The cast of everyone’s favourite blockbuster, The Lord Of The Rings, have teamed up with iconic rappers Method Man and Killer Mike for a special rap music video to celebrate the film trilogy’s 20th birthday. 

During the Wednesday (December 15th) episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert introduced a hip-hop styled tribute entitled ‘#1 Trilly’, and it saw Elijah Wood and Sean Astin describe how The Lord Of The Rings is the greatest film trilogy ever released. Move over, Star Wars.  

The video also features a host of the supporting cast, including Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, Andy Serkis and Hugo Weaving, alongside a bizarre appearance from Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick, as the song surprisingly insults the Pitch Perfect and Twilight series, which was brilliant.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, was released on December 19, 2001, to universal acclaim. It was succeeded by sequels The Two Towers in 2002 and The Return Of The King in 2003. Never before had the world seen such a dense and believable fantasy setting. Director Peter Jackson’s attention to detail was something that was truly astounding for the time. 

The Return Of The King, won 11 Oscars, which included Best Picture. This places it at a tie with classic Ben-Hur and Titanic for the most wins at one single ceremony. 

Lord Of The Rings fans are hotly anticipating the new TV prequel spin-off that Amazon is currently developing. Based on JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, it has a huge budget, and is sure to bring some of Tolkien’s best-loved creations to life in a stunning way.

A synopsis reads: “Set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings, the series follows an ensemble cast of characters as they confront the re-emergence of evil in Middle-earth.”

The series is set to premiere on September 2, 2022. 

Watch The Lord Of The Rings rap below.