The artists Method Man called “royalty”
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The artists Method Man called “royalty”

Method Man is a highly versatile MC who has been a constant presence since the late 1980s. Rising to prominence as part of the legendary Staten Island crew The Wu-Tang Clan in the mid-1990s, the rapper (real name Clifford Smith Jr.) is loved for his intricate lyricism, partnership with Redman and his famous stoner comedy How High, a must-watch that will have viewers laughing out loud. Known as one of hip hop’s greats, Method Man is undoubtedly a talent

Since the 1990s, Smith has achieved amazing things as a solo artist, as part of the duo Method Man & Redman, and as an actor in Hollywood. That said, the musician appeared on a special episode of Park Bench with actor Steve Buscemi to talk about his career and more. During their conversation, Smith and Buscemi recalled the time they worked together on the American prison drama Oz. Recounting the situation, Buscemi stated, “I directed you in an episode of Oz, you remember that?!”

The lyricist elaborated on his early acting experience, explaining, “Let me set it up for you. The scene is [that] I’m supposed to be visiting one of the convicts in the visiting room. I’m supposed to grab a shank, stand up and stab the guy. Simple enough. But me being green, I kept grabbing the knife too fast! The knife was taped underneath the table!”

He continued, “Steve was like, ‘Dude, you’re grabbing it too fast.’ So I got the mental note I’m grabbing too fast. I do it again. So Steve, without my knowledge, tells one of the grips to move it. So when I sat down the next time, and I go to reach for it, I couldn’t find it. That slowed me up, I learned a lot that day, brother.”

Buscemi proceeded to ask the Tical rapper whether or not he wanted to make music or act at the beginning of his career, to which Smith replied, “It was music first. Always loved the acting part because I have always admired how someone can just transform themselves right in front of your eyes!”

However, this is when the two rappers, Smith considers royalty enter the picture. Following a conversation about his album Tical, Ad-Rock and Mike D of the Beastie Boys come to join the emcee on the park bench. Addressing the pair, Smith declares, “This royalty right here! You heard it from here. I love these dudes right here!” He then lists his favourite Beastie Boys tracks joyfully listing, “C’mon ‘Brass Monkey,’ ‘Paul Revere, ‘ this list goes on man.”

You can watch the episode of Park Bench in the video below.