Method Man working on new album with his son Sha
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Method Man working on new album with his son Sha

The 51-year-old rap legend Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan fame is working on a new project, this time with his son Sha. Sha goes by the rap moniker PXWER, and Method Man made the announcement during the performance at New York’s Irving Plaza, where he brought his son out on stage.

The 26-year-old rapper isn’t new to the game by any means—he’s actually in the rap group 2nd Generation Wu, and he’s collaborated with his father on previous projects, just never to the extent of a full-length album.

On working with his dad, PXWER said, “It’s dope to work with my pops. It’s like a dream come true to be honest. I knew he was gonna body me, but it’s whatever. Not many up and coming artists can say they worked with a Hip Hop legend like Method Man.”

iNteLL also spoke of the newfound group, saying, “I feel like everything just came together naturally with this year being a really good year for the Wu and everything they got going on. I’ve been trying to get all the sons together for a minute. I grew up with Meth’s son. He’s my blood cousin. I grew up with Ghostface’s eldest son Supreme, too. He raps, as well. I grew up with them, so I’ve been trying to get us all on a record for years.”

Whatever the project ends up being between Method Man and PXWER, it’ll be a much-anticipated release backed with so much history. Although there aren’t any concrete details regarding the dates of release, there will likely be more information to follow as work on the project continues underway.

If you’re interested to see what they produce together, you can keep an eye out for their future projects as they emerge.