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T-Pain says Tupac would Be 'Ate the f**k up' these days

T-Pain has revealed he thinks if Tupac Shakur were still alive today, he would be shown up lyrically by today’s rapping talent.

On Monday, T-Pain joined DJ Akademiks for a live video interview on Twitch and gave his divisive opinion. During a conversation about how old-school rappers would fare in the age of social media, the ‘I’m Sprung’ rapper said if Tupac Shakur were still around to pop off the way he did in the 1990s, his legacy would be a lot different than it is now. T-Pain went as far as to claim that Tupac couldn’t touch the 2022 standards of rapping. 

“I feel like, and I’m not gon’ lie to you, this gon’ be some bullshit,” said T-Pain. “Pac would’ve got killed sooner and he would’ve got his ass ate the fuck up lyrically.”

After hitting a little friction on his bold statement, T-Pain elaborated on his stance. 

“Lyricism-wise,’ Pac would’ve got ridiculously murdered,” he continued. “’ Pac was a crazy lyricist in our time because ain’t nobody else have no platform. If the platforms are what they are now,’ Pac would’ve got ate the fuck up … What we look at as’ Pac’s greatest lyrics right now is peanuts to what we hear today.”

Despite such candid criticism, T-Pain did make it clear that he considers the late West Coast rapper to be a better poet than an MC. 

“Pac is a full fuckin’ poet. Pac was one, if not the, one of the greatest lyricists at the time. But if we would’ve had social media back then and everybody would’ve had their opinion, there would’ve been way the fuck more disrespectful n***as at the time. N***as would’ve been dying to be more disrespectful than’ Pac.”

Coincidentally, T-Pain’s comments on Tupac have come almost a year to the day since his controversial comments calling out new rappers for all sounding too similar. T-Pain made headlines for other comments he made in the Twitch interview on Monday, where he said Chris Brown has a “princess complex”.