Kanye West takes Chris Brown off ‘Donda’ song ‘New Again’
(Credit: PXhere)


Kanye West takes Chris Brown off 'Donda' song 'New Again'

Kanye West has removed Chris Brown from his new album, Donda after a ream of angry reactions flooded the release.

Brown originally appeared on the track, ‘New Again,’ but Ye being Ye means that even after the album’s release, he’s still tinkering around with the record and making creative changes. The removal of the singer is one of the many alterations which Yeezy has made on Donda since he shared it. 

Elsewhere, vocalist KayCyy has been removed from ‘Keep My Spirit Alive’, and West has replaced her vocals with his own. Furthermore, he’s also changed the bass on a plethora of songs, such as ‘Jail Pt 2’, which features the disgraced duo Marilyn Manson and DaBaby.

West has also played around with the songs, ‘God Breathed’, ‘Junya’ and ‘Come to Life’.

This isn’t a new trait of Kanye, who has pulled this trick before. Back in 2016, he continued to play around with The Life Of Pablo on multiple occasions and even added a brand new song to the album.

West was pictured wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt at the weekend while partying with Diddy despite the ongoing allegations against the rock singer.

Manson, who featured on Donda, has been continually in the news after a string of misconduct accusations hit the headlines in February, with court cases against the star due to commence soon.