T-Pain finally reveals real ‘I’m Sprung’ lyrics
(Credit: Will Olfsom)


T-Pain finally reveals real 'I'm Sprung' lyrics

T-Pain has finally told fans the true lyrics to his classic track, ‘I’m Sprung’.

The rapper released ‘I’m Sprung’ as his debut single in 2005, and it climbed all the way up to eight on the Billboard 200. It put a marker down and gave him a foundation to build his career after charting internationally. It also featured on his first album, Rapper Ternt Sanga.

Now, he’s told fans they’ve been rapping the lyrics wrong this entire time and cleared it up. “How in God’s name do ppl hear ‘out to get me’ on ‘I’m Sprung?!'” he wrote. “It drives me crazy! It’s ‘Dog she got me’…. How are you hearing the other thing at all?!”

He added: “How are you even hearing ‘get’ over ‘got’ I just can’t think of a way to hear that”.

Pain concluded: “Plz go listen to the song with this new information. It’s like watching an old movie as an adult and finally understanding all the sex jokes.”

Pain shared a new version of the track in 2019, which featured Tory Lanez and was featured on Tory’s mixtape, Chixtape 5. The duo made more tracks together, but Pain held off from releasing them after it emerged Lanez allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot.