(Credit: Will Olfsom)

T Pain casts his vote on who would win between him and Future in a 'Verzuz' battle

T Pain has had a surprising say on who would win between him and Future in a Verzuz battle.

Verzuz battles were created by Timbaland and Swiss Beatz at the start of the pandemic last year. They pair up legendary figures from the hip-hop scene and pit their back catalogues against one another while audiences watching at home declare a winner after it goes the full 20 rounds.

“To the public, Future would win,” T Pain said when asked about a potential battle with Future on Drink Champs. “Absolutely. Because it’s right now. We don’t have the same records. What’s the feel-good records—what would Future play after ‘Bartender?’ What would he play after ‘I’m Sprung?’ ’Cause we gotta match records.”

The rapper then added, “When you play records, you gotta match records. If I play ‘If I Could Change the World’ with me, Diddy, Mary J. Blige, and Akon, what’s Future going to play after that? We in two different categories.”

The two of them had a so-called beef back in 2013, but T Pain said it was nothing during the same interview. “My problem with Future was never a problem,” he noted. “It was Khaled’s problem. When they put out ‘I Woke Up in a New Bugatti,’ they had posted my Bugatti in their shit. You know what it was like? When your homeboy got a Tinder date in the apartment, and your homeboy got on your shirt that you use for Tinder dates.”

Pain then carried on with his bizarre analogy, “If you going on a date, and you ask your homeboy if you can borrow his shirt and your homeboy shows up to the date and says ‘Nice shirt, looks real fuckin’ familiar’—that’s how the whole Future beef started.”

Check out the full interview below.