Suge Knight says he helped Snoop Dogg avoid a life sentence
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Suge Knight says he helped Snoop Dogg avoid a life sentence

Suge Knight has recently launched a podcast from behind bars. Entitled Collect Call With Suge Knight, the former Death Row icon (real name Marion Knight Jr) has teamed up with Breakbeat Media and, in the most recent episode, claimed that he stopped Snoop Dogg from getting a life sentence in the 1990s. 

In 1993, Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Broadus) was acquitted in a murder case alongside his former bodyguard, Malik, who was arrested and charged with first and second-degree murder charges in relation to the death of Philip’ Little Smooth’ Woldemariam.

In 2015, the notorious gangster and self-proclaimed thug was incarcerated for voluntary manslaughter. However, he has now alleged that he was responsible for Broadus avoiding a life sentence in prison and detailed his involvement in the case.

Alleging that Broadus would not have had a career if it wasn’t for him, Knight stated, “If it weren’t for me, [Snoop would] still be in prison doing life,” he said before discussing the incident that led to the 1993 trial.

He continued, “The lawyer said: ‘Well, the bodyguard has a 9mm, so we can’t say he protected Snoop and shot the guy; Snoop had a .380. I said, ‘We’ll be fucked if the bodyguard had a .380 and Snoop had a 9mm., and he got shot with a .380, right? He got shot with a 9mm.”

Knight then detailed how he helped Broadus get around the charges, explaining, “But since Snoop had the .380 and the bodyguard had a 9mm, and he got shot with a .380, all the bodyguard gotta say is he was using .380 bulets in his 9mm.”

Knight concluded by asserting that he spent $6 million to help cover up loose ends. He alleged that he paid off some Long Beach Crips and bribed a private investigator to “destroyed” the suspected tape that proved Broadus guilty.