Ice Cube refuses to answer if Suge Knight is “unhinged” question
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Ice Cube refuses to answer if Suge Knight is "unhinged" question

Ice Cube and Suge Knight might have history, but during a new interview, the former NWA man refused to answer questions about the former CEO of Death Row Records. 

On Tuesday’s (May 16th) appearance on the Impaulsive podcast with Logan Paul, the co-host asked Cube about rumours regarding the incarcerated former music mogul, but the ‘It Was A Good Day’ rapper refused to provide a definite answer. 

“Isn’t Suge a little unhinged?” asked Paul, to which Cube replied: “I don’t know.” Paul then tried again, positing that Knight ran “ran over someone, twice,” with Cube doubling down, “I don’t know about that.”

However, Cube did give the hosts something, retelling “one of the funniest stories” he’s ever heard about Suge Knight. “Suge had an apartment full of producers,” Cube said. “I guess they wasn’t coming up with the right songs. And he gathered them all up and said, ‘Look, either y’all start producing some hits, or I’m a start producing some hits.'”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Logan Paul asked Cube to address some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the late NWA man Eazy-E’s death. He passed away in 1995 due to AIDS-related pneumonia, with it long claimed by some that he contracted HIV after Knight allegedly injected him with an IV needle containing the virus. 

Cube refused to take the bait. “How would he do that?” he asked. “Nah I think if somebody poke you with one of them goddamn needles, you’ll know. You’ll know.”