Suge Knight alleges Clive Davis & Diddy were lovers
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Suge Knight alleges Clive Davis & Diddy were lovers

Incarcerated music executive Suge Knight has recently made another controversial claim as he continues to release his podcast Collect Call With Sige Knight from behind bars. This time, it is concerning Diddy and the former president of Columbia Records, Clive Davis. 

As Diddy faces a slew of legal cases, Knight reflected on the time the head of Interscope, Jimmy Iovine, told him a music industry secret about the nature of Davis and Diddy’s relationship beyond being business partners.

Recalling the day he found out, Knight told listeners, “We in the office, in the Westwood Interscope office,” he began. “I walked in Jimmy’s office. I didn’t have to knock on the door […] we was havin’ a conversation, and he overheard somebody say something he probably shouldn’t have heard.”

He continued, “He said, ‘I’m here because Clive Davis told me that him and Puffy’s real tight. And, uh, you know, lovers.’ So I thought he was talkin’ like, they got love for each other. I’m like, aight. He said, ‘Nah, they are lovers.’”

The LA native added, “I was like, ‘Why do you keep saying that?’” he concluded. “I said, ‘Are they lovers, like, fuckin’ and suckin’?’ And he said, ‘I don’t wanna say that,’ but that’s what that means, right?”

As Diddy fights off sexual harassment and assault charges, Knight has been providing commentary on the shady side of show business. Last month, the Compton executive alleged that Russel Simmons and Diddy’s former mentor, Andre Harrell, were in a sexual relationship.

Pulling back the curtain, Knight stated, “Andre Harrell and Russell Simmons – everybody know,. They might not wanna say it, [but] they know they was lovers. They participated in those types of things. Now, once again, a person has the right to be whatever they wanna be. But own it!”

Knight concluded by alleging that it was Harrell who set Diddy on his dubious path, reflecting, “Puffy got his intern stuff with Andre Harrell. You know the answer already. That started his journey. Puffy started some journeys. It’s not really good to name-call, but it gotta stop. But so I don’t get sued, I gotta use the word ‘allegedly.’”