Styles P says 21 Savage doesn’t deserve his “lyricist” badge
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Styles P says 21 Savage doesn't deserve his "lyricist" badge

In a new interview, Styles P has unloaded rage upon 21 Savage who he doesn’t believe to be seen to be an authentic “lyricist”.

21 Savage has been catching fire recently after he claimed Nas is “not relevant”. Bizarrely, the two rappers teamed up shortly afterwards on ‘One Mic, One Gun’, and Savage also claimed his comments were misconstrued by the public.

“Me and Nas been talking about making music, on my kids,” 21 said. “Way before all that other shit happened. We been, like, figuring out how we was gonna do a song before this, on my momma. I been had his number.”

Now, Styles P has intervened and fired back at 21 Savage for having the audacity to go for the king. He said on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion: “I like 21 Savage. Don’t love him; I like him a lot. The shit he say tickles me pink and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe this n**** said that!’ It’s dope. I fucks with him,” he said. “My n****, you not a lyricist. Fuck all that.”

Styles P continued: “Drake’s supposed to tell this n****, ‘Chill. That’s Nasir Jones’. My n****, you are talented, you are dope, you are fucking fly, your flavor, you mean a lot to the culture, you are important. [But] you ain’t one of them. You ain’t a three-point shooter from deep. Nas is. Drake’s supposed to say, ‘I am. Kendrick is. Cole is. You are not. Leave him alone, that is our OG.’”

It wasn’t just 21 Savage who caught heat from Styles P, who added: There’s a lot of legends I think suck, lyrically,” he added. “If you older than me, my peer or younger than me, there’s some of y’all n-ggas that I will run circles around. You don’t even deserve to be next to me. But if you earned your keep, guess what? I’ma step right here. Who the fuck am I egoistically to step on that?”