21 Savage claims Nas collaboration was in pipeline long before “not relevant” comments
(Credit: Alamy/Wikimedia)


21 Savage claims Nas collaboration was in pipeline long before "not relevant" comments

Rapper 21 Savage has explained that his new collaboration with Nas, ‘One Mic, One Gun’, which dropped earlier this week, was in the pipeline long before his misunderstood comments about Nas being “not relevant” caused a backlash. 

Savage made the revelation in the same place as his original Nas comments – during a Clubhouse chat. It was posted on social media yesterday.

“Me and Nas been talking about making music, on my kids,” 21 said. “Way before all that other shit happened. We been, like, figuring out how we was gonna do a song before this, on my momma. I been had his number.”

He continued: “He been telling me he was a fan of my shit. I been telling him the same thing before all this shit happened. That’s why he didn’t take what I said in no disrespectful way. ‘Cause he knew what I was trying to say. ‘Cause I’m not even that type of n-gga”.

Earlier this month, Jabari Fret, the brother of Nas, hit back at 21 Savage’s claims that the Illmatic rapper is “not relevant”. Fret took to his social media to comment on a post which shared Savage’s remarks. On The Shade Room’s Instagram, Fret wrote: “21 Savage is trash. [I’m] glad Nas dropped KD3 so fans can hear real bars… 21, can you do something for me?”

In the comment, Fret referred to the recent Nas record King Disease III, which he evidently thinks is much better than anything 21 Savage has ever written. In a thinly-veiled par, he referenced one of Savage’s lyrics, “can you do something for me?” taken from the track ‘Rich Flex’, a highlight of 21 Savage’s recent collaborative album with Drake, Her Loss.