Stormzy reveals he is working on new music
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Stormzy reveals he is working on new music

Stormzy has been the UK’s golden boy for some time now. Straight out of Thornton Heath in 2014 and 2015, the young man made it big time with his songs’ Not That Deep’, ‘Where Do You Know Me From?’ and his ‘Wicked Skengman’ YouTube freestyle videos. 

Ever since he has been one of the hottest artists in the UK, and whether it’s grime or UK drill, the young rapper (real name Michael Owuo Jr.) has been front and centre of the UK urban music scene. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the emcee revealed that he is back in the studio.

In an interview with Anagricel Duran, when the British-Ghanaian act was asked about his current musical mindset, the rapper stated, “I think I’m just where I’m meant to be, and I’m who I’m meant to be, and I’m doing what I’m meant to do.”

He continued, “I think the album reaffirmed my confidence, and it let me know that I should always stick to my guns, and I should always be brave. I think even going forward with other albums and new music. It’s like, ‘Just always trust yourself, back yourself to be brave, and be confident with your musical decisions, and carry on being free, and carry on being the cowboy and carry on just going into whatever musical terrain or musical experience that you want to do.”

The ‘Vossi Bop’ musician spoke on his creative process, explaining, “When I’m making music, it’s always super deep, but it’s never that deep. I can’t explain it, it’s deep because I take music so seriously, and it’s my craft, and it’s my passion. I promise you, I’ll just go to the studio and however I feel that day, that’s what I do. I try not to be super premeditated.”

Owuo Jr. continued, “There are times when I’m intentional if I need to be intentional when it’s like, ‘This is what I’m doing. I want to make this kind of song’. But I just go there, and I just pray to God, I’ll literally pray to God, and everyone in the room prays, and we’ll say, ‘Let’s see where the Spirit takes us today. It’s literally a random box. I think that’s why, over my career, you get all these different flavours and these different genres and these different styles, because it literally is just that, it’s just me going to the studio and trying to figure it out when I’m there.’”

In July, Stormzy will release a virtual show using motion capture sensory tracking. The digital concert will go live on Spotify on Friday, July 21st.